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How do I configure NT 4.0 to connect to FirstNET?

1.) Double click on the My Computer icon and then double click on the Dial-Up Networking icon. If Dial-Up Networking does not show on your screen, please open:
    Start button->Settings->Control Panel->Network
At the Network window, click on the Services tab, then click on the Add button. Select Remote Access Service and install it onto your system.

2.) Click on the New button.

If 'New Phonebook Entry Wizard' window pops up, select "I know all about phonebook entries and would rather edit the properties directly," then click on the Finish button.

3.) Click on the Basic tab.

Type in FirstNET for the entry name field. Then type in the local dial-up number for your area.

4.) Make sure that your modem has already been configured. If not, you will need to click on the Configure button and do so at this point. If your modem is already showing in the Dial Using field as shown below, then you can continue with the next step. Note: You can click on the Alternates button and add additional numbers to the dialup list, in case of any problems with the original number.

5.) Now click on the Server tab. Make sure that only the "TCP/IP" and both boxes at the bottom are checked. Also, make sure that the Dial-up server type is: PPP: Windows NT, Windows 95 Plus, Internet.

6.) Now click on the TCP/IP Settings button.

Note: If you do not have success with this setup, then check Off "Enable software compression"

7.) Your next step is to click on the Security tab as shown below. Make sure you check the line that says Accept any authentication including clear text.

8.) Now click OK. That is all there is to it! When you want to connect, you will go My Computer, double click on Dial-Up Networking, then click Dial. The Window you will see after this will ask you for your username and password. Fill these in All Lower Case, leaving the Domain field blank. After you are connected, you can start Netscape, Internet Explorer, Eudora, or whichever Internet application you want!

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