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How do I set up my network connection for Windows 95 or 98?

Follow the instructions below or download the following installation utility:

FirstNET Dial-Up Setup Utility - 201 KB
(this file will easily fit on a floppy disk, so if you want to install your account on a different computer than the one you are currently reading this on, simply copy the downloaded "nexet.exe" file onto a floppy disk, put that disk into the other computer, and then double-click on the "nexet.exe" file to start the installer.)

1.) First choose the My Computer Icon and the Dialup Networking icon within it.

2.) Next choose the Make new connection icon

3.) Now type "FirstNET" in the "computer you are dialing" window, and choose next.

4.) Now enter the appropriate phone number for FirstNET.

5.) Finally choose finish.

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