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How do I FTP to FirstNET?

The first step would be to download an FTP program. Next you'll need to configure the program to connect to our server. In the example below, we are using WS_FTP.

1. When the program starts up you'll see this screen. First click the New button to create a new session.

2. Next fill in all of the information exactly as it is above replacing the User ID and Password with your own.

3. Once you have all of this filled out click Apply

4. When you log in, the system will automatically put you in your users directory. The files that you wish to be viewable over the web must be put in this directory.

5. Please note that your "homepage" must be called "default.htm"

6. Your Initial Local Directory is the directory on your computer that you would like the program to start out in.

7. Once you have all of this filled out click Apply

8. Now to connect to FirstNET, simply click OK.

9. Enjoy your web space!
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