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FAQ / Troubleshooting

General FirstNET Questions

What do I get when I sign up with FirstNET?
When you sign up with FirstNET, you get the following features:
    - 10 E-mail accounts
    - Spam filtering
    - IMAP compatibility
    - Free web-based access to your email
    Separate webspace, which can be used for personal or business web pages
    FTP access to your account
    Online newsgroups
    Free tech support 7 days a week! (click here to see tech support times)
    Plus a reliable connection to the Internet from one of the area's longest lasting and most trusted ISPs.
How do I censor what my children/students access on the Internet?
The Internet is the largest known forum for the freedom of speech. FirstNET does not censor what our users can access on the Internet. If you wish to block or censor what your children or students can view on the Internet, please check out the following links on third party software that will allow you to do so.

When am I billed?
You will be billed on the anniversary date (of your sign up).

Where do I send my check or other correspondence to?
Send all correspondence to:
    P.O. Box 5086
    Charlottesville, VA 22905
Can I change how I pay for FirstNET service?
Yes you can change how you pay for your FirstNET service. Please call our Billing Department at 434-817-3178 or you can e-mail the Billing Department at

When do I get my referral credit?
Users receive referral credit after the new user has paid for the first month of service.

All referral credits are allocated to the current customer on the 15th of the month following the new signup.

What happens if I do not pay?
If FirstNET does not receive a monthly payment from you within 14 days from your monthly due date, your account may be suspended. If we do not receive a payment from you within 1 month, your account will be cancelled. You are still responsible for any amounts owed.

If you wish to cancel your account, please send a letter or email us at with the cancellation information. An account can only be cancelled through written notice. You will be responsible for any charges incurred until written notice is received.

What is your refund policy
For pre-paid accounts, FirstNET will refund unused portions after deducting charges for each month up to the cancellation date, at the full rate for the given account. No refunds will be made for partial months. An early termination fee of $25 will be assessed. If a new user is never able to access the Internet or email, a refund will be made of all monies paid to FirstNET, upon the specific request of the user.

Configuration Questions

What settings do I use for my email, newsgroups, or networking (TCP/IP) settings?
SMTP or "Outgoing Mail Server": (with authentication) port 26
POP3 or "Incoming Mail Server":
NNTP or "News Server":
DNS or "Name Servers": Primary / Secondary

What is my e-mail address?
Your e-mail address with FirstNET consists of your username (this is the name you use to logon to FirstNET - no more than 13 characters in length and all lowercase) and the FirstNET domain. It will be:
How do I change my password?
To change your password, click here to access the FirstNET web based account manager.

How do I setup a dial-up connection for Windows 95 or 98?
Please click here for instructions.

How do I setup a dial-up connection for Windows NT?
Please click here for instructions.

What network components should I have?
Please click here to see what your network properties should look like.


How do I disable call waiting in Windows 95 or 98?
  • Double click the My Computer icon.
  • Double click the Dial-Up Networking icon.
  • Double click the connection titled FirstNET
  • Click the Dial Properties button.
  • In the middle section labeled How do I dial from this location put a check in front of the line that reads This location has call waiting.
  • In the box next to To disable it, dial: set it to *70, (for tone dialing) and click on the OK button.
Now, each time you dial into FirstNET, Call Waiting will be disabled.

Why does my modem suddenly disconnect?
There are several reasons why your modem might suddenly disconnect your connection.

Call Waiting - If you have Call Waiting on the phone line that you use for your computer and do not deactivate it, your modem will disconnect when you receive an incoming phone call. Make sure you do deactivate Call Waiting when making a connection to FirstNET. To deactivate call waiting contact your local phone company for the string to disable this feature.

Line Noise - A symptom of poor line quality is slow connects speeds and frequent disconnects. Line noise plagues the country's current phone systems. Massive amounts of line noise can be created by poor phone wiring in your house, road construction, building construction, factories, and heavily traveled roads/highways. You can contact your local phone company to have them trace the source of the line noise. If the problem is external to your house, the phone company can fix it at no charge.

Listen for any static, echo’s, or other voices. If you have a second line, make a call on one line, then have someone use your computer to dial into your account. If you can hear the modem screech on the voice line, then you have “cross talk” which will cause real disconnect problems. The phone company is usually very good about fixing a cross-talk problem.

Low Quality Modems - Modems are very complicated pieces of equipment and are known to be high failure items. Unfortunately they can also fail in subtle ways, making diagnoses of a problem difficult. Of you have truly eliminated your phone lines and other causes, then the last look should be at your modem. We can test your system at our shop free of charge to determine if your modem or system may be the cause of slow connections and disconnects.

Why can't I send email through my POP account even though I am receiving email? / "We do not relay?"
Most likely you are getting the error message "Error 410 - Sorry, we do not relay".

Due to the possibility of unauthorized people using our mail server to send mass amounts of e-mail to others (spamming), we have tightened our security so that people who do not use our dialup service cannot send e-mail through FirstNET.

If you are using another Internet Service Provider, you will need to change your outgoing SMTP server in your email client to the SMTP server of your provider.

Personal Homepages

How do I set up my personal webpage?
Just FTP to with your username and password and you will be automatically provided with free web space!

How do I FTP to FirstNET?
Please click here for instructions.
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