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About Us

FirstNET Corporation is a combination of a web design company and an Internet Service Provider, both of which have been doing business in Virginia for over seven years. Our company is run by business managers who are experts in technology, with over 27 years of management experience. This allows us to understand your business needs and translate them into profit through the Internet.

When we started our company, we built our infrastructure with a view of critical business and personal needs:
  • Redundant systems for critical functions, such as email and e-commerce
  • Ease of use of all interfaces that require interaction
  • Speed of use and access
  • Cost effectiveness for the client
  • Data analysis to allow measuring the value added to a company's bottom line
  • Our product/service line covers the Internet:
  • Web services from design to hosting
  • Database solutions and data warehousing
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Internet access from basic dial-up to multiple T-1s
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN), LANs and WANs
  • Video conferencing
  • Server co-locations
We provide a free initial consultation for businesses to determine their true Internet needs.

Edgar Lindamood, CEO, FirstNET of Virginia
Mr. Lindamood is an experienced manager, having over 25 years in various supervisory positions including Director of Engineering at an electric utility, and Chief Engineer of a nuclear submarine. He holds the title of Chief Executive Officer for FirstNET, in which capacity he is responsible for overall strategy and planning for the company.

Sharon Evans, COO, FirstNET of Virginia
Ms. Evans is accomplished in both project management and corporate management. She holds the title of Chief Operations Officer for FirstNET, in which capacity she oversees the daily operations of the company, plans revenue strategies and product development, and supervises programming, design, sales and support personnel. Before joining FirstNET, Ms. Evans managed web development projects for Chaos NewMedia Ltd., and Internet game development projects for PeopleSpace, Inc.
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